Thursday, May 24, 2012

bigger then it should be collective nail polish haul pt. 1 essie

Hello everyone i had a polish haul ive been wanting to post for a while now.. but every time i was about to do it it would seem i was waiting for more polish orders to come in. How this all started was i was sick of not being able to find any colours in my old storage system so i bulit polish racks.... in the end i love seeing my colours but all i could think was the kinds of colours i didnt have and that led me here.

essie    a cut above

essie     play date

essie     borrowed and blue

essie      who is the boss

a touch more grayed out then mint candy apple alot less green and more blue.

essie      mint candy apple

alot more green in person, greener but in the same vein as something like cg for Audrey  

essie      navigate her

essie     knock out pout

this is a bit less orange toned in real life, this is a good hot pink for someone a little intimidated of neon pink its got more white in it and is a warmer pink 

essie     lights

this is very neon i would say a slightly pinker and neon version of essie mod squad.
essie     camera . peach daiquiri

these 2 are very similar, camera is more neon  and dries matte, i dont think you would need  both, also they are both very much more pink the any pic i took would show.

essie      instant hot . fiji

essie      pink-a-boo . like to be bad

pink-a-boo had very pretty and noticeable on the nails pink and purple micro shimmer so it,  

essie    a crewed interest
 yes that is allllooootttt of essie polishes ugh but atleast i got most of them online at the polish boutique and same a bundle and this was collected over about 2 months :) ill be posting pt 2 soon it has the other brands.

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