Thursday, June 7, 2012

bigger then it should be collective nail polish haul pt. 2

Hey guys! so here is the other half on my large collective haul, i got these over about 2 months and from a wide range of places, Nail Polish Canada, Winners, eBay, the Polish Boutique (on Facebook), and Superstore. I've been on such a polish kick and i don't know where it came from lol, i do know that it helps me from biting my nails if i keep them painted so ill pretend that makes it better ha! the pictures are pretty true to life but some may be a little washed out. If you have any questions or anything just ask!

China Glaze Empowerment
This color is almost identical to O.P.I Pink Friday i will have pic of that below

China Glaze Cherry pie
This is kind of a pink red with pink shimmers 

To see the slight shimmers

China Glaze Gold Digger
I really wanted a gold but nothing to yellow this is a nice medium gold.

O.P.I  Pink Friday 

O.P.I  Pink Friday and China Glaze empowerment
Again these two are almost identical CG maybe a little less cool toned.

O.P.I  I Juggle Men
This is a clear base with blue/purple/pink micro shimmer, very pretty 

O.P.I  Panda-monium Pink
A Very cool toned pink that almost leans purple, the pic here makes a bit
more purple then in person. 

O.P.I.   Fly
I would say this is darker teal that leans more blue.

Orly Rock Solid
I dont even know what to say about this one... so pretty, a dark gray
base with holo-ish non dense glitter?

Essie Action
A supper bright creamcicle is what I'm gonna say its not quite neon
but its bright and its orange, no red or pink undertones.

Revlon Whimsical
this one is so light blue its almost see thu on the nails. It has rose gold
and blue glitter, i haven't found the best polish to wear with with and
you need to pair it it... if you have any suggestions let me know!

Butter London Trout Pout
Bright non-neon pink coral 

Deborah Lippmann Mermaids Dream
This is soo multi dimensional blue teal glitter, it is so fine but so dense
you only need 2 coats. 

It goes on your nails just like it looks in the bottle! looks like a
 mermaids tale :)

I love all the colors but i really didn't need both the pinks! I wouldn't have picked up empowerment if it hadn't come in a 3 pack with the other 2 China Glaze.So it might be in a blog sale soon! I would say My top are mermaids dream and trout pout, the Orly one is up there but to he honest i haven't put it on my nails yet... i feel its more of a fall/winter color.

If anyone has any requests please let me know and I hope you have an awesome day!!!!!

xx michelle

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