Monday, April 9, 2012

Mac's Pink Tea v Pink Cult

So today i got in the mail a package from MAC... i was suppose to be getting pink tea and immortal flower but alas immortal flower was sold out during my check out time and wasn't shipped to me :( oh well.
 So here are some pics!

Pink Tea

Pink Tea

this is it in about a medium swatch built up a little 

pink tea on top. pink cult on bottom 

pink cult left. pink tea right

I thought these two would be closer being that they are described on MAC's site sort of alike, but as you can see pink tea is more light, bright, and sheer where as pink cult is darker, more pigmented and more of a brown/gray undertone.

I really like both of them but for different things I am glad i picked it up! I hope i can pick up immortal flower tomorrow at the store. If you have any question or such let me know :)

xx .m

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