Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mac haul

So i went out of town and went to the mac counter and got a few things in the mail... I haven't been interested in anything from them for about a year? and even then it was maybe a lipstick or an eye shadow. As you might be able to tell from that story i got a few things from the most recent MAC collection (Tres Cheek, Reel Sexy, and Extra Dimension) i got a lipstick in reel sexy, 2 blushes one in pink tea and the other is immortal flower, and a high lighter in superb. So lets see some pictures!

Reel Sexy

This lipstick in real life is a touch more pink/coral/pastel its sort of hard to capture it always pulls stronger orange. Its very creamy and very pigmented i love it alot more then i though i would! i would say its more orange and pigmented then say jazzed.

Left: Immortal flower.  Right: Pink tea.
I did a previous post on pink tea so in your interested in more info and pics click here.

Immortal flower
This is a peach with a touch on pink in pan bit on the skin its a bit brighter on me anyways but i am pretty fair, its does go on darker then in the pan. I'm going to have to use this one a couple times to see how i like it on me, as of not I'm unsure.


Top: light sheer swatch  Bottom: heaver swatch

When i first got this in the mail I thought it was going to be waaaayy to dark for a high light but i guess being that its so metallic you don't need a lot to get it to show up well so it works awesome!

Thanks so much for reading! next i think ill be posting a nail polish haul, I'm just waiting for one last order to come in... theres alot...

xx .m

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