Friday, December 28, 2012

Indie Haul!

Hey guys! I went a little crazy in the past little while with some indie polish shopping, there were way too many good black friday deals and a few swaps. if u want swatches or reviews of anything just let me know I also just got a new camera and this is my first time using it haha so bare with me as a fumble my way through learning how to use it :) Lets just get right on into the photos shall we. 
PS. I know im leaving some out lol 

  Candy Lacquers Sugar Sculls, she did a suprise restock and I jumped on the chance to get this puppy, soo pretty and worth every penny!


 Different Dimension Hanna


Different Dimension Emily

Different Dimension Doppelganger 

Different Dimension Social Suicide 

Different Dimension I've Been an Angle All Year

Different Dimension I've Been an Awful good girl

         I dont even know where to start with Different Dimensions, every polish i have got from them i have LOVED they are amazing. Unique and fun but without being hard to work with or huge chucks of glitter.

Girly Bits Smurf Dance 

                         I may or may not have gotten this for the name lol, but its so pretty anyways.

Girly Bits Hocus Pocus 

                                                        This is a sheer holo topcoat

Crows Toes Bah F*****g Humbug

Crows Toes Cheshire

Crows Toes Triple Black Diamond 

Dollish Polish I'll Have What She's Having

Dollish Polish Girls Rule Boys Drool

Does it bug anyone else when Brands change their  bottles or labels? It drive me bonkers! then they dont match on my racks and it messes up the flow... no? just me?


  1. Holy indies, Batman!! How is your angel all year? Is it hyper glob-y or smooth like a normal Diff. Dim. polish? I think mine is defective or something!

    1. i know right? it insane, and i left out like 14 hares, a lynn and i have a bunch more coming. My angle all year was good, a touch thick but i think thats just normal indie thick lol but my awful good girl was really thick i had to add some thinner to it.

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