Saturday, January 19, 2013

Name That Blog, Giveaway! (Closed)

Hey!! I have a special post today, there will be a giveaway!! But lets start at the beginning, I hate my current blog name, this always happens to me, email addresses usernames.. anything, I'm just not creative when it comes to names and it come back and bits me in the butt lol. So I was complaining about not liking it and Shea from OMG Wait What polish is That, had a brilliant idea, she wanted to do a giveaway and thought what if we did one where everyone submits a new name? I will pick my favorite and I will change the blog name to it and they will the 1st place prize! how awesome is that? The prizes will include Color Club, Julep and Funk Fingers!

There will 3 prizes, 1st will be the winner of the challenge and the other 2 will be picked from So here are the rules and such :)
1. You must follow myself and Shea's blog
2. It's open Internationally
3 Open for 1 week, from today Jan 19th to Jan 26th. 11:59 pm PST
4 You may enter as many time as you like but all entries but me different

Thanks everyone for you great ideas! I cant wait to pick one :)

And the winners are:
1st Michelle H
2rd Kara S
3rd Patricia K


  1. Michelle, ma belle!
    Ma belle is my beauty/beautiful in french.

    The name Michelle always makes me think of the Beatles.

  2. Chelly's Shinies or Shelly's Shinies

  3. Show Me Your Tips!

    (Finger tips.....get it? YAY!) Haha

  4. Michelle? Everybody Lacquers! (likes her)
    Polish Upon a Star (Wish)
    Polish you were lacquer (you wish you were like her)

    Alright, I kinda got hung up on sounds like... but I amused myself, haha. I put what I was thinking in parenthesis in case you didn't get it- sometimes I'm in my own world on those things! :P

    -Olivia F.

  5. Need a fix (nails), the bottom of the bottle, (Nail) file for bankruptcy... (haha only kidding).

  6. The MishMash of Mish's Makeup
    Unmistakably Michelle
    Mark, Get Set Michelle
    There's Something 'Bout Michelle
    Makeup Makes The World Go 'Round (or polish instead of makeup if you prefer)

    1. It should read: The MishMash of Mich's Makeup

  7. Chell's Colorful World
    One Finger At A Time
    Mad About Lacquer
    Polish Me Colorful
    Mish Mash Manicures
    Polish The World Pretty

  8. Polished Pretties
    Michelle's Polish Addiction
    Polish Addiction
    Michelle's Manicures

  9. Polished Enigma
    Maverick Manis
    Get Polished or Dye Trying
    Sleek Digits
    Michelle's Never Nude
    Fearless Phalanges
    The Lacquered Chronicles
    The Chronicles of Polish
    Polished Saga

  10. Michelle Makes you look Marvelous!

  11. O.C.B. - Obsessive Compulsive Beauty!

  12. This took some serious thinking because I've been trying to rename my blog too and I haven't been able to come up with anything yet. And since we share the same name, you can imagine how blocked I was when I saw this post yesterday. But I let my thoughts simmer a little yesterday and I grabbed my coffee at 4:30 this morning and sat down to toy with some ideas. :)

    - Mad about Michelle Lacquer
    - There's Something About Michelle Beauty
    - Swatch Out!
    - Lacquer or Not, She's Here to Stay!
    - Mich's Lacquer Lemmings
    - Don't Call Me Squirt! <--- haha Full House was on TV. ;)
    - Mrs. Know It All
    - Swatch Me Grow Beauty
    - Swatch Me Go Beauty
    - Swatch and Learn Beauty (or Swatch and Learn Nails)
    - Michelle if I Know (haha Ok, that's hubby and I's joke, but maybe not appropriate for a blog)

    As you can see, the coffee may have affected my brain towards the end there. ;)

  13. Good Luck! You've got some great entries, so I hope you find a good name. :)

  14. Michelle H, I would be more than happy to do the same thing for you :) I have tons of polish that need new homes, and what a better way to do it, than in a giveaway. If you also want to have a "Name My Blog" giveaway, I will provide the prizes :)

    1. I will definitely keep that in mind. Right now, I'm trying to decide if I have enough time (with school and a quickly growing 2-year old) to devote to my blog. I shut it down temporarily and am hoping to bring it back up if things settle down. :)

  15. Here are my 2 entries ( I know I cannot win any prizes)

    Polish This
    Polish This, Swatch me your Nails!

  16. Lacquer Me Pretty
    What's That Lacquer
    Who's Your Lacquer?
    The Young & The Polished
    Eeny Meeny Miney Polish
    Bibbity Bobbity Polish
    Michelle's Polish Addiction
    Michelle's Polish Diary
    Welcome To My World of Polish

    Okay, I tried but no home runs

  17. Hehe! How fun!!
    - Polish-Aholics Anonymous

  18. Michelle's Polish Corner :)

    Thanks and this was fun! :)

  19. (I follow both on GFC as Erin N)

    guilty of glittering
    michelle's beauty-full addiction

  20. Polish and the Beast

    'Til Polish Do Us Part

    Polish In Plain Sight

  21. Once upon a time a polish

    GFC: Isaa